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Why Orcadians vote Lib Dem

I see people online incredulous that people in Orkney (and Shetland) continue to vote Lib Dem. I don't know about Shetland but I will try and give you my take on Orkney. In doing this I mean no disrespect to any person living in Orkney that votes Liberal Democrat. I have to make that clear at the outset, because I would expect my analysis to be mischievously misconstrued as an insult to Lib Dem voters. This is an attempt to explain some of the social factors and influences that affect the views and decisions of people voting Lib Dem in Orkney.  It is my personal view as a female social observer from an embedded position in  one  part of the community and longevity of exposure to many parts of the community over fifty years. Here are the main factors - historical political context - social pressure - societal structure - and islandness. History The Lib Dems split form the (Tory ) Whigs to become the Liberal Party ( when ordinary people still didn’t have a vote) a