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Bobby Grierson

Bobby Grierson- Fantastic Human 'Oh to be here where no dark stain interrupted our lives, we were unfettered and unleashed... young and free with no cares.' (from one of Bobby's last fb posts) I was aware of Bobby first in 1976. Because always, Bobby stood out in a crowd. It was matriculation day at Edinburgh College of Art 1976. The aquiline nose and chin pushing the world out of its way was followed by  a long mop of (sorry Bobby, mousey) Marc Bolan curls. Skin tight jeans to the knee flared to the floor, and a flowing coat. (Aye yi definitley hid flares - dinnae deny it) Bobby had already had a working life before ECA as a lab technician in Cumnock. But like many of us from the small judgemental Scottish towns there was an exciting city world that beckoned. He went to FE college to get the entry qualifications for ECA and was thrown in with a mix of folk and hangers on that would change the cultural and political life of Scotland forever. Bobby w